DRIVEN: Moving ahead with my 2013 Audi Allroad

Someone older and wiser than me once told me that a true car enthusiasts is never done.  Be it your daily driver or your project car it just doesn’t matter, there is always something else lurking around the corner you’ll want to do.  With that said, here is the current state of affairs on my still relatively new-to-me 2013 Audi Allroad.

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REVIEW: Follow-up on Garmin Vivofit vs Fitbit Flex for Summer 2014

Now that Garmin recently updated their Connect software to allow its users the ability to sync with MyFitnessPal it was time for me to give the Vivofit another look.  And with the first day of summer behind us people are finding more time to be outside and get active.  With some fresh faces in the fitness wearables market how do the Garmin Vivofit and Fitbit Flex continue to stack up for the Summer of 2014?

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BATTLE! – Striiv Touch versus Withings Pulse O2 versus Fitbit Flex versus Garmin Vivofit

Two companies recently released new or updated versions of their devices in the Fitness Wearables market.  First Withings unveiled an updated version of their Pulse as the “O2″ version with a watch-style band, while Striiv jumps from their prior clip-on versions to finally add a new wrist-worn version called the Touch.  Time to put these two devices to the test against my existing Fitbit Flex and the recently released Garmin Vivofit for another installment of BATTLE! Continue reading


BATTLE! – Wahoo Fitness TICKR RUN Heart Rate Monitor vs Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor + Polar Stride Sensor

There was a time before smart phones where you had to carry around your address book, your daily planner, and if you needed it, your camera.  Now you can have all of that and more in the palm of your hand, thanks to a desire by consumers for converged devices which we rightfully call smart phones.

This same evolution is quickly happening in the health & fitness technology sub-sector.  Not only do we expect our existing smart phones to work as health-recording devices, we’re also beginning to expect more from the more basic sensors that have been around for years.  But is it possible for something as simple as the good ol’ chest-strap heart rate monitor to accurately record extra data, such as stride and running form?  Let’s find out!

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