REVIEW & COMPARISON: Zubie Key Connected Car Service versus Automatic Smart Driving Assistant

Today we live in a world full of gadgets and connectivity.  Most of us have a constant link to society thanks to our smart phones and tablets.  We are at the start of an era, one where this link to data not before harnessed will create a relationship between man-and-machine.  Finally, maybe we’ll start to utilize the Internet for more than just access to Facebook and Netflix, right?!  In this blog post I’ll be comparing two ways to get your vehicle to join the “Internet of things” in my comparison of the Automatic Smart Driving Assistant to the Zubie Key Connected Car Service.  Let’s see what these devices have to offer…

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PREVIEW: Apple Watch versus Fitbit Flex versus Jawbone UP versus Misfit Shine versus Garmin Vivofit versus Striiv Touch versus Withings Pulse versus LG Lifeband Touch versus Polar Loop

Earlier today Apple unveiled their newest addition to their product family, the Apple Watch.  Many of my favorite tech news sites have done a great job providing details, specs, and even some hands-on initial reactions & reviews of the new hardware.  Although the unit displayed at the unveil event today was locked in demo mode and release is not set until “early 2015″ — we’ve already been provided with enough detail to know that this device will in many ways turn the wearables segment on its head.  Here is why….

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TRACK DAY: Pittsburgh International Race Complex TrackCross Event – Early September 2014

Nearing the end of summer in the Midwest means getting your last track events under your belt.  Soon the leaves will be falling and the weather will be too cold, and the local road course and drag strips will shut down for the season.  With a few new toys under the hood I made it out for what may be one of my final lapping sessions of the year in my Audi.

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BATTLE! – Misfit Shine versus Fitbit Flex

Wearables are here to stay.  If you don’t already have some sort of “smart” device wrapped around your wrist you’ve probably at least thought about it.  Or perhaps you have a friend who can’t stop talking about theirs, and all the fun things it does.  In this installment I’ll talk about two of the hottest devices, the Fitbit Flex and Misfit Shine, to help you decide which one deserves to land on your arm right now.

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