BATTLE! – Misfit Shine versus Fitbit Flex

Wearables are here to stay.  If you don’t already have some sort of “smart” device wrapped around your wrist you’ve probably at least thought about it.  Or perhaps you have a friend who can’t stop talking about theirs, and all the fun things it does.  In this installment I’ll talk about two of the hottest devices, the Fitbit Flex and Misfit Shine, to help you decide which one deserves to land on your arm right now.

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DRIVEN: Moving ahead with my 2013 Audi Allroad

Someone older and wiser than me once told me that a true car enthusiasts is never done.  Be it your daily driver or your project car it just doesn’t matter, there is always something else lurking around the corner you’ll want to do.  With that said, here is the current state of affairs on my still relatively new-to-me 2013 Audi Allroad.

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REVIEW: Follow-up on Garmin Vivofit vs Fitbit Flex for Summer 2014

Now that Garmin recently updated their Connect software to allow its users the ability to sync with MyFitnessPal it was time for me to give the Vivofit another look.  And with the first day of summer behind us people are finding more time to be outside and get active.  With some fresh faces in the fitness wearables market how do the Garmin Vivofit and Fitbit Flex continue to stack up for the Summer of 2014?

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