Wisdom begins in wonder.

Look around you.  The world is filled with things of beauty.  And if you look beyond the surface, most of those items are filled with something inexplicable.  Every day we encounter the unexpected, the unfamiliar.  Many of us turn a blind eye, going about our business with focus on only the task at hand.  It is only when you  seek to explore the wonder around you that you achieve, as Socrates says, wisdom.

Learning is an on-going process.  Even the most intellectual beings on this planet strive to educate themselves further.  Growing up I was never one for traditional learning, however.  Rather, trial and error was my favorite source of input.  To this day I have a hard time taking things at face value, or study solely from others. Getting my hands dirty, that is how I like to experience life.

As a kid the word ‘Technology’ meant having to do with science.  Today is has become a marketing gimmick, being thrown around to sell anything with batteries and flashing lights.  Watching my daughter grow up I’ve become hyper-aware of the digital age we are in.  No longer is ‘Technology’ a novel concept– now it is the norm.  She will grow up with an expectation that data/information is readily available, instantly and easily.  And that is not a bad thing.

Simple pleasures: for some it is reading a book and for others working in the garden.  For me it is tinkering with that new gadget I just purchased, or learning and reading about advancements in the automotive industry.  Interacting with ‘Technology’ excites me, watching it help connect my friends, my family, and the world around us all.  Your smart-phone.  Your car’s navigation system.  And don’t even get me started on wearable technology like smart-watches and activity monitors.  We are engulfed by these elements daily.

My friends & family know about my passion.  On a daily basis I hear questions such as:  What is the best new phone on the market?  Is the Technology Package worth it on the car I’m shopping for?  What do you think about that new tablet?  How do you like your electric vehicle?  How do I setup a media server?  What should I look for in a smart TV?  ..and the list goes on.  For the past few years I’ve fielded these questions on an individual basis, blasting off the occasional long-winded Facebook post as well.

Finally, after years of prompting from friends, I’ve decided to start a blog where I can share some of my adventures.  Look for answers to those questions above and more.  And please feel free to ask questions too!  Hopefully I can help out friends, families, and maybe even a few strangers who may stumble upon my micro-existence here to learn about my digital life in this wonderful world.  And as you read, please sit a spell, and share your wisdom with the rest of us.  Thank you!

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