Going GREEN : My REVIEW of a Lime Green Fitbit Flex

Here in the Midwest the Spring has sprung.  Birds are slowly returning from their winter retreats, the flowers are blooming, and the snow has all disappeared.  And as the lush green grass emerges from the soil, so to does a new green accessory magically seem to have appeared on my arm.  But why?

If you’re familiar with my blog then you may have already enjoyed reading my two most popular articles (HERE and HERE), where I compared the currently off the market Fitbit Force against the Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band and the Polar Loop Activity Tracker.  It may come as a surprise then that I’d be writing an article about a different Fitbit device, given my outspoken love and devotion to the Force.  What happened?

greenflex-force3 greenflex-force2 greenflex-force1 (Click photos for full size)

As you can see above the adhesive that holds the rubberized band of the Force to the electronics started to delaminate.  And a stretch issue occured on the back near the screws.  This meant that moisture could get places it shouldn’t not to mention the device just looked all sloppy and ugly.  Since Fitbit currently has a voluntary recall for this device I’m in process of sending it back and hopefully shall collect a full refund. In the meantime there was no way I was going to survive without something to adorn my wrist.

Enter my new Fitbit Flex (Lime Green) as seen pictured at the top of this page.  In past reviews I’ve usually noted the Flex as being a great bargain, though usually I’ve shown them in their standard colors of BLACK OR SLATE.  Over the last year Fitbit has released a slew of attractive colors to choose from, ranging from Tangerine to Lime to Pink to Teal.

It’s funny, though, that I should end up with the photo that banners this article.  See, back in February I had been in Las Vegas with some friends and happened upon the outlets at the state line.  It wasn’t supposed to be a shopping trip, but when there are PUMA shoes to be had, I’m there!  Sure enough I scored a gorgeous set of new summer kicks for DEEP discount, which just happened to be adorned with lime green accents.  As for my North Face jacket, that was picked up last fall– bonus!  Ready for spring, I’m green as can be.

Also soon to be ready for spring is the wife, for whom I ordered a Fitbit Flex Violet replacement band for her Flex device.  So we’ll be matching, sort of….

Initially I was really sad to be losing my Force, because the OLED display was a useful tool.  It provided me a watch, which I had not had prior.  It also gave me a quick view to my steps.  But beyond that, I never really used the display.  Now that I’ve gone a week without it I can honestly say the only thing I actually miss is the watch portion.  Having to reach into my pocket for my phone is annoying, but I’ll survive.  Down the road I really do hope they re-release the Force again, I’d be first in line for that.

Since I did say this would be a “REVIEW” — here is my brief thought on the Flex (when compared to the Force it replaced).  Besides the lack of a watch, the Fitbit Flex works great.  It does everything (except elevation) the Force did, and while it may lack a display, it is actually slightly smaller in width making it more comfortable on my small wrists.  The clasp seems to be firmer/better than the Force.  And I really dig the color– I do hope the next gen Force devices offer something this bold & fun!  Fitbit still makes great software, that hasn’t changed.  Bottom line: read my other write-ups — take what I love about the Force, remove the display, add fun colors, and you’ve got still what I find to be the best wearable fitness tracker on the market today!

As we all look to get outside and exercise more this spring, a few interesting articles have popped up that I wanted to share.  First off, articles like THIS ONE seem to creep up from time to time.  So let me remind you all that the accuracy of the device is not nearly as paramount as the increase in activity.  For most, the goal of a Fitbit or similar device is to inspire them to be more active.  So long as you see good gains from day to day then the accuracy of the data becomes less important.  Still, I suspect we’ll see the next generation of wearables improve on the data quality… for now, just try to make each day better, and more active!

If you’ve ever wondered what some of the higher-ups at Fitbit or simlar companies do, check out this Video: Fitbit VP of Interactive & Design.  It is interesting to note his education background, and how he has taken from that to help with his current job focus.  And check out the slick view from their office.  Oh, and a LOT of standing-desks… still need to get myself setup with that, or even better, a walking/treadmill desk one of these days.

Last but not least, you may notice that there is a new Amazon Wearables Landing Page.  This is their way of saying “hey, this segment is growing” — and if you’re shopping in this market I urge you to give their site a chance to earn your business.  We happen to be Prime members at our household, so a lot of our goods come from Amazon.

No matter what your plans are this Spring, be sure to stay tuned here to my blog for more exciting posts as I plan to test some of these new forthcoming devices as they come to market.  Have a great one!


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