DRIVEN: Moving ahead with my 2013 Audi Allroad

Someone older and wiser than me once told me that a true car enthusiasts is never done.  Be it your daily driver or your project car it just doesn’t matter, there is always something else lurking around the corner you’ll want to do.  With that said, here is the current state of affairs on my still relatively new-to-me 2013 Audi Allroad.

Last month I had an experience of sudden and striking realization that my Audi S6 was just too much.  Moving ahead I dropped down to a much more modest car payment.  Had I kept the S6 there would have been on-going costs for things like tires and track days– something that a car junkie like myself could never avoid.  Having a lower car payment meant more extra funds for everything, from vacations to car parts, and so forth.

Much to my wife’s dismay I’ve spent a fair share on that latter category these past few weeks, but I’m happy to say that I’ve finally reached a bit of a plateau.  Beyond the future plans of an ECU upgrade (chip) when it comes available from APR, as well as a full exhaust (turbo-back), there isn’t anything else on my wish-list.

Over these past few weeks I’ve managed to amass a pretty healthy collection of upgrades that should hopefully keep me happy with this car for a few years.  At which point who knows… 🙂 but for now I’m done.  For fear the wife will hurt me otherwise haha!

In no particular order, the list of modifications thus far are:

– Brushed Aluminum Interior Trim (All OEM Audi parts – Purchased from OEM Plus)
– Window Tint – 50% All Around (Maximum allowable in the state of Ohio)
– Matte Aluminum Mirror Covers (eBay Aftermarket S4 Style Replacement Mirror Caps)
– ST Suspensions Coil-Over Kit (Kit # 90618)
– 034 Motorsports Sway Bar End Links (Part # 034-402-4006 – Adjustable, due to lowering)
– OEM Audi A7 Wheels, 20×9 ET37 (Parts # 4HO601025AB and 4HO601025AA)
– Falken Azenis PT-722 UHP Tires (255/35-20)
– ECS Tuning Wheel Spacers (Part # 2603073 – 10mm Front & Rear with Ball Seat Bolts)

When I first acquired the car I knew right away the wood trim had to go.  Where I had carbon fiber vinyl wrapped the wood on my prior SUV, this time around I took an OEM approach.  Lucky for me the folks at OEM Plus had a sale going and I was able to snag the brush aluminum interior bits for 10% off.  These are actual factory parts so fit/finish is as perfect as you would expect.  The kit replaced the doors, dash and center console trim pieces.

Window tint is something I’ve always done, usually opting for 35% all around.  However the shop I trust no longer goes past legal, and perhaps it was my old age, but I decided to not source a new location.  It isn’t as dark as I’d like, but it does the job and looks better than no tint at all.  To contrast the dark color of the car and tint I opted to throw on a set of S4 style satin silver aluminum mirror caps.  These were scored on eBay for a fair price, much less than the $800 that the OEM parts cost. Fit and finish were surprisingly good for aftermarket, and they went on without any issues whatsoever.  And they look great!

Not content with the ride height I started searching for a way to lower the car but still able to conquer Ohio roads.  Although plenty of gorgeous B8 Allroads exist with air ride which looks just killer, I opted instead for the ST Suspension 90618 Coilover Kit.  Purchased and installed via HS Tuning the guys there gave the car the attention it deserved.  We also threw on a set of 034 Sway Bar End Links, to allow for the altered suspension geometry.  Following install was an alignment with my friends at Classic Volkswagen to set camber and such.

Sitting perfectly, the car was begging for something other than the stock 18″ wheels.  Lucky for me I happened upon a local eBay seller who had a set of used OEM forged 20×9 wheels pulled off an Audi A7 (C7).  With barely any miles the wheels were like new when I got them.  Back to Classic Volkswagen I went with the wheels, and a brand new set of Falken Azenis PT-722 Ultra High Performance Tires.  They mounted & balanced them up for me and installed my ECS Tuning wheel spacers and bolts.  (At one point I had thought about going with THESE black bolt versions for the price, but ultimately decided to give the local guys at ECS my business – they also have black ones but for more money).

Although the wheels/tires would have cleared everything fine without the spacers, I opted to purchase and install them purely for the cosmetics.  It turns out they look perfect, giving the wheels a more flush-to-fender appearance. Due to my lower ride height there is on rare occasion the most brief audible tire rub on the inner edge of the fender, but just barely.  I’ve driven far worse– so for the meanwhile the spacers will stay because it just looks so darn good with them on!

A few weeks ago my wife and I accompanied some friends to dinner.  We all went together in the wagon, quite comfortably I might add.  As we walked away from the car I glanced back and smiled.  My friend turned to me, another car-guy himself, and said to me “you know you have the right car when you look back at it when you walk away” — and I smiled again.  Sure this is no Audi S6, but in many ways this car is even better.  Over time it will cost me less each month, allowing me more money to enjoy living my life with my family or tinkering with my car as I’m destined to do.  All while still thoroughly enjoying my fancy daddy-wagon.  And that to me is something worth smiling about!

Below is a photo gallery of the car.  Enjoy!

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