VIDEOS: Tesla Model S with Version 7.0 Software – Autopilot Autonomous Driving

Today marks the release of the latest over-the-air software update from Tesla Motors.  With the release of their 7.0 software comes a huge overhaul to the user interface, as well as a slew of autonomous driving capabilities.  Here are some videos and a quick write-up about the experience.

For Tesla’s official blog post about the latest software update CLICK HERE.  For a slightly more comprehensive review of the upgrade, one of my favorite articles can be FOUND HERE.  There are tons of new articles and videos popping up over the past few days, and the next week is sure to bring more.

Below are two videos, taking during a very brief test this morning during my commute into work.  I hope to take more videos, so if you have any SPECIFIC REQUESTS for videos showing how things work, or more about the new version 7.0 interface, please do not hesitate to USE THE COMMENTS BELOW!

Above is just a brief video demo of the recently released over-the-air software update to version 7.0 which adds Autopilot autonomous driving to the Tesla Model S Sedan and Model X SUV. This allows for Auto Steering and Auto Lane Changing.

This particular video showcases how steering works making an interchange. In total the car went form heading North to West, from I-271 Northbound onto I-90 Westbound (heading into downtown Cleveland, Ohio). You can see a small moment where steering “hold” was requested, but then went away after it sensed my slight steering grab.

PS: My wife wasn’t too keen on this– she is a slow adopter of this crazy technology. Me? I’m excited and can’t wait to test more. Have questions? Want to see a video in a specific setting? Let me know!

In this second video installment we show off a test of the car as it goes around Dead Man’s Curve downtown Cleveland, Ohio. You will notice the car slows down because of traffic in front of us, allowing us to travel around the curve at a safe speed.

Drivers of the Tesla should be aware that this new software update is aware of speed limit signs, however it will NOT automatically adjust the speed to those signs.  Hence when approaching a curve like this, manual driver input is still required to lower the speed as needed.  As Tesla warns, when using auto-steer and other features, you should always maintain attention to the car at all times.

There is also a warning on the dash to hold steering wheel, which thus far appears to occur during hard turns in either direction. However, the beep to grab the wheel comes late after the visual warning, and even amongst this indicator the car continues to drive autonomously, flawlessly. Amazing!

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Thank you for visiting!  Let me know in the comments what you think of this crazy new feature set!

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