QUICK LOOK: ToughPRO Tesla Model X Floor Mats Set

When you live in the Great Lakes region of the United States you get to endure proper winter weather.  We live in Cleveland, Ohio, situated on the west edge of the snow belt.  To help maintain the interior of your car I always suggest people get all-weather rubber floor mats.  Here is my review of the ToughPRO set I purchased for my 2016 Tesla Model X.

It has been a few weeks now since I picked up my Model X, and subsequently a set of new floor mats.  Although my vehicle came with the factory carpet mats, I immediately ordered up a set of ToughPRO Floor Mats.  They are offering all-weather, heavy duty, black rubber mats designed to fit your Tesla perfectly.

Since my vehicle is the 7-seater version that is the kit I offered.  If you check out Amazon you’ll find they offer variations for 5 & 6 seaters, plus front & rear trunk mat options too!  For now, I’m using and hence reviewing just the main cabin area mats.

Amazon shipped the ToughPRO Floor Mats in a box that was long & narrow, almost tube like in shape.  Because of this there is a curvature that is still somewhat present in the mats, as they have taken a bit of a coil-set being in the box.  Suggestion:  when you get the mats, allow them time in a warm environment to rebound back to a flat state, if you can.

You’ll notice in some of my photos below that the rear mats have a bit of cupping, and the front passenger mat near the outer edge also has a curve.  Had I taken the time to follow my own tip above, and perhaps roll the mats against the curve, this could have been solved.  At a later date I’ll try this (perhaps with heat) to resolve– but it does not affect the function, and is barely visible to most folks.

Installation into the vehicle was as easy as you’d imagine floor mats to be, save for one minor hassle.  Because of the rigidity and thickness of these mats, getting the 3rd row section to bend around the back of the 2nd row seats takes a bit of time and finesse.  But once the ToughPRO Floor Mats are in place they fit like a glove, with all seams butting up with one another perfectly.

Being molded rubber material there is a notable smell to the product, but that will dissipate after about 48-hours of being in your vehicle.  Of course you could leave the windows open in your garage if you want to help speed this along.

Click on thumbnails below for larger view of gallery images:


Because of the heft of the ToughPRO Floor Mats chances are good you will not want to remove the 2nd/3rd row sections regularly.  A good vacuum does them justice, but if you’re like me then you’re the kind of person who removes interior mats like these to hose them off during the winter.  This is not impossible, but being that the 2nd/3rd row is basically one HUGE and HEAVY mat, this is a chore that might be easier with a second person.

Overall I’m REALLY happy with the quality of these ToughPRO Floor Mats, their fitment into my vehicle, and the aesthetic they offer.  You can spend twice the price from Tesla for the same location mats, but their rubber is thinner.  One thing the Tesla mats do have a leg up on here is that their sides come up, making the mats more “bucket” like in nature, which might be good if you track in a lot of snow or moisture.


Bottom line:  these ToughPRO Floor Mats get a FIVE STAR rating from me!  They arrived quickly from Amazon, at a low cost making them a great value. If you have a desire for all weather mats for your Tesla Model X, check out the ToughPRO offerings.


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