Folding the ShakaRun; Focusing on life!

June 2017 was a pretty wild month!  Finally had a chance to take my girls to Boston.  Attended & helped organize a road rally that came from the shadow of another.  Fostered some puppies for a week via the Cleveland APL.  Organized & hosted a first, successful Tesla Cleveland Owner cruise/lunch.  All in all, it was a busy 30-days.  Time to regroup, and move forward!

During the past few weeks I’ve struggled with the fact that while I had fun organizing the ShakaRun, my heart really isn’t in it.  Right now I have a slew of great ideas that I think could make for fun future cruises/events.  But in the end I’d be doing it because I’ve had people approach me asking me to do more, not because I personally WANT to organize events on that scale.

What made the first event such a success was the assistance provided; it wasn’t just me who made the event happen.  My eternal gratitude goes out to ALL of you who were there, suffered the same loss that fateful Thursday, and helped rally together to make a great weekend happen!  Memories were made, friendships were forged.

Future type events would no doubt have the same amount of outside influence and help; but I’m just not all-in.  And having put together events like this in the past, frankly I’m just a bit burnt out.  There are other folks, younger folks, who should take on this task.

These days I want to enjoy life.  Part of what I had been most looking forward to on the SigRun was that it wasn’t my doing.  That I could just go, attend, and have fun.  It was a chance for me to lay low, and be part of the crowd.  Yes, my natural tendency is to be the leader, to be the guy on the soap box (and not just because I’m short, LOL).  But lately, when it comes to automotive events, I’ve preferred to be just an attendee.


At the risk of sounding cliche, the sun is setting on that period of my life.  Yes, I have a great car right now in my 997.2 GTS- and I want to enjoy that car via car shows, car cruises, race tracks, and more!  So I’ll be around to participate in car events, just not ones that I myself have put together.

These days my first focus is my family.  Secondly is my career and my company.  Past those comes a much bigger, but harder to juggle, set of responsibilities and desires.  And life just doesn’t allow enough time to do it all, so I have to prioritize.

Earlier this year I created a Tesla Owner Group for the Cleveland/Akron area.  That Facebook page now has over 100+ members, and I hope to continue to grow and engage that audience.  For the remainder of 2017 I’d like to take my Porsche to another track event or two..  And if a cruise or car show, locally or regionally, should catch my eye, I’ll be there.  As a happy participant, but not the organizer.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you around at those events!  Be safe.

UPDATE: As of 7/7/2017 the IG page has been handed over to a friend.  There WILL be future Shaka.Run events thanks to him.  Stay tuned!


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