Shuffling Cars, Once Again!

As someone who has owned WAY too many cars, I’m often asked what my favorite car has been.  Usually my answer is that I simply like them all for very different reasons.  No one car is a favorite, because no one car is perfect.  But right now two cars bubble up to my mind; one is a favorite, another is perhaps the best all around.  Allow me to explain further.

For most folks, your car gets you from point-A to point-B.  Beyond that it just needs to be reliable transport, used to get you to a job, take your kids to school, and so forth.  This is why brands like Honda and Toyota have dominated the market for years.  This is what MOST of the world wants.

But for the rest of us, the small percentage that we are, we’re gear heads.  We gravitate towards cars that do more than shuttle us– we veer a few degrees off the beaten path, looking for cars to excite.  Cars that stand out because they poke & prod us to drive them faster, push their limits, and enjoy the experience between the two end points.

That is where certain cars in my repertoire tend to stand out.

One word of caution though: the perfect car for one individual is often quite different from the perfect car for someone else.  My personal threshold of what is too loud of an exhaust, or too harsh a ride, might vary greatly from someone else.  Some folks need a back seat, or a big trunk.  Other people want comfort over performance.  Take stock in your priorities, and go from there!

As you’ve likely already deduced from the title of this thread, my 2011 Porsche 911 GTS (997.2) is leaving me.  I’ll explain why in a moment.  But first let me say this: of all the cars I’ve owned, the GTS has proven to indeed be my favorite car.  It may not have been the most practical car, the fastest car, or even the newest car I’ve owned.  But it will surely be the car I’m going to miss the most.  And I can finally say that yes, there has been one car that is indeed my favorite of the 50+ that I’ve owned!

Here are photos of the car as it currently sits, listed for sale:

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You can find the listing for this car for sale HERE.

Okay, so if it is such a great car, why get rid of it so soon?  Justifying myself to the masses of friends & family members is something I’d not normally bother to do.  But this time around, I’m going to take a moment to briefly explain.  And the explanation comes by way of saying that while the GTS was my favorite car, our current Tesla Model S is actually the BEST car we’ve ever owned.

Wait, what?  How can a 4,500-LB Tesla be better than a Porsche?!

If you look at specific aspects of the GTS, it is in many ways the superior car to the Tesla.  This can be said about the handling/performance, or even simply how much fun the Porsche is to drive.  But when you examine things like practicality, technology/luxury, or fuel economy, the Tesla is obviously superior.  While certain cars are just better at certain things, where the Tesla shines is that it does everything it does EXTREMELY well, such that it becomes the best overall car.

If I had to own just one car, the Model S would be that car.  Our current model is an 85D that does 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, interestingly the same speed in which my 997.2 GTS did (though PDK + launch control will cut that down to 4.0 seconds).  But the way in which that instant torque is delivered on the Tesla, or the autopilot features, make it the more ideal candidate for daily driving.  And even us gear heads need a good daily driver.

There is the rub– the daily driver.  Sure I could have driven the GTS daily up until winter, when it would need parked.  Then I’d have to get a lesser car to drive through the winter.  All the meanwhile making a hefty payment on a car that sits not driven for 5 months out of the year.  When my commute was in the Tesla, this wasn’t a big deal.  But due to changes at my company, I’m not longer going to be able to hitch a ride in with the wife in her Tesla.    Suddenly I find myself needing a car I can drive year round, and the Porsche isn’t that car.

If my budget allowed me to get practical yet still enjoyable/fun 3rd car, I’d have jumped on that band wagon and let the GTS sit all winter.  But the Porsche already had my budget tapped out– and a 3rd car just didn’t make sense.  So the hunt began for a car I could daily drive AND enjoy the same as the GTS.  My radar focused on a 991.1 C4S, but the prices just weren’t where I needed them to be.

Truth is that I had given up looking — and planned to just wait until winter and figure things out then.  But in some strange turn of events, a friend was looking to exit a lease on his BMW- and the timing was just perfect.  Local friend/dealer provided me a reasonable offer on my GTS such that I was able to sell it, and move onto the next.

And so here enters a 2015 BMW i8:

Due to special circumstances and other factors, this 2015 BMW i8 was acquired summer 2016 as a “left over 2015” for a very low monthly payment.  Thanks to my friend, this low payment gets passed along to me for the remaining two years.

Sidebar:  You’ll notice one photo above shows a set of Fifteen52 Formula GT wheels.  This is because I snagged that stock photo online and did a quick cut/paste rendering.  You can expect a set of those wheels to appear on the car in the very near future.  Details to come!

Compared to the Porsche, this car adds all wheel drive, a full bumper-to-bumper warranty, and no-cost maintenance to a car that needs to serve as my daily driver.  Plus being a leased car makes it more than ideal to drive year round, even through the snow.  Yes don’t worry, dedicated snow tires will be procured– and on those REALLY deep snow days, I can always go into work late with the wife, if the depth of the powder becomes too much for the BMW.

It is crazy to think that somehow my payment drops 35% while also reducing fuel costs, and cancelling out any concern about oil change costs, etc.  This car also checks off the box of being more exotic, while being on-par with the 911 for performance.  Sure, the Porsche is a more pure, true sports car.  But this i8 is no slouch– and it looks the part!

It has only been 48-hours and I already miss the Porsche.  Some day I would love to get back into a P-car, perhaps a 981-GT4 if I have my choice.  For now, the BMW provides me the specific needs that my life demands at this juncture, while meshing nicely into my budget, and blending my desire for a sports car and a daily driver all into one.  There is truly no single perfect car out there– but perhaps the BMW will yet prove to match the GTS in the fun department? Only time will tell!


  1. just came across this post, did you ever put the fifteen52 GT rims on that i8? did they fit? specs?
    I’m looking into doing the same.

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