REVIEW: Ring Spotlight Cam Wired

Followers of my blog know that I’ve long been a fan of the Ring Doorbell.  Recently, I even swapped out a classic flood light on the side of my house with the Ring Floodlight Cam.  Now I’ve added a third Ring device, the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired.  Here is my full review!

For reviews of my other Ring products, check out HERE for my doorbell, and then HERE for my flood light camera.  This review will focus solely on the new Ring Spotlight Cam (Wired).

In the past, I had been using my NETGEAR Arlo camera setup to monitor my outdoor cat dwelling, as well as other indoor & outdoor activities.  Fore those wanting weatherproof, wireless security cameras, I still highly recommend the newer ARLO Pro Starter Kit thanks to rechargeable batteries, and zero on-going subscriptions costs needed to get good bang for your buck.  However, I’ve more recently switched to using wired ARLO Q Cameras indoors, to avoid recharging.  Where ARLO covers my home indoors, I’m now using Ring , my Ring as my preferred outdoor security setup.  While this works for my personal needs & desires, your requirements may vary.


Ring does an amazing job with their hardware, and step-by-step instructions.  Like their other devices, you get everything, even down to a cute little orange-handle screw driver.  This provides most of the tools you need with the Ring Spotlight.  It even comes with a drill bit, too!  I’d say Ring goes above-and-beyond what most other security camera systems offer, when it comes to inclusive installation goodies, and clear, concise instructions.

Although the 20-foot cable was WAY longer than I needed in this case, the fact that it can be painted is a nice feature for those who do need the length, and want discreet installation.  I also did not need to utilize the cable hold-downs, but again, appreciated their inclusion here with the Ring Spotlight.  I do wish there was a swappable, shorter cable option, but realize that likely would nix the water-resistant rating.

As you can see in the photos above, I installed the mounting bracket using just two of the four screws, as this worked nicer then putting holes in the brick (instead I just put two holes in the mortar).  Although most users will probably mount the camera at a higher location as a security device, my only purpose here is to monitor our outdoor cat.  Hence the installation is lower, nearer to his little outdoor “cat hut” (as we like to call it) for ideal viewing angle.

Installation of the Ring Spotlight was overall quite easy.  Due to the heft of this unit you will need/wamt to use their anchors and almost definitely need a drill.  But thanks to their robust hardware, such as the proper drill bit, that is the only tool you’re likely to need in order to get this thing mounted up and going!


In my past Ring device reviews (HERE and HERE) I’ve talked about the various features of these devices.  The Ring Spotlight unit is quite similar to the latter, Floodlight review.  That is to say it has the identical features & settings when it comes to motion sensing, 2-way audio, and more.  See my photos above for the initial setup, and consult my other blogs for some of those settings if you want more details.  Within less than 2 minutes after powering up, I was ready to go!

Since my Ring Spotlight was setup at such a low elevation, and not as a true security device, I have the motion sensitivity adjusted down to the lowest setting, with the brightness of the LEDs also set to their dimmest possible output.  I do wish that I could eliminate the motion/LED entirely, but Ring doesn’t not support that option at this time.

Motion zones are also available on the Ring Spotlight, however in my case I just left it at factory defaults, so that the entire visible area is utilized.  I’ve turned notifications off for these motion alerts, since I don’t need to know when my cat is around– I just want to be able to look back and verify he is coming/going.  This is particularly important in the coming winter months to visually see that he is safe/sound, sleeping in his (heated) cat hut.  It is also nice for us to verify if he is present, at feeding times.

Like the other Ring devices, I was very impressed with the video quality provided.  This Ring Spotlight offers daytime crispness, while also providing night vision with infrared.  And with the LEDs, even at their lowest setting, ample light is there to see true color imagery in the wee hours of the night.

Here is a video sample of those various modes, compiled into a single YouTube video:


These days there are options galore when it comes to outdoor security cameras.  Even within the Ring family they have options beyond the Ring Spotlight (Wired) such as the Wireless Ring Spotlight, that utilizes a rechargeable battery. And if you really want to get crazy, you can add a Solar Panel to that device!

As you shop for security cameras, things to consider are availability to 120v power, size of the camera, and subscription costs.  Although I love the ARLO Pro for its modest size and lack of on-going costs if you don’t want it, they do still charge if you want more than a week retention, or continuous video recording (CVR).  In the case of this Ring Spotlight (Wired), you will pay $30 per year to get cloud recording, but it is worth the cost of admission.

Thanks to the two-way audio, 140-degree vision, weather-resistant design, and great HD video quality, I highly recommend the Ring Spotlight (Wired), especially if you are near a power source.  It made great sense for my home, and should provide more than ample monitoring of our outdoor companion!  Ciao!


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