REVIEW: Rehab Detailing – Cleveland, Ohio

If you live in the Cleveland/Akron area, and you just dropped big coin on a new or used car, there is one name that should be running through your head:  Rehab Detailing.  Simply put they are the #1 spot in Northeast Ohio for all your automotive detailing related needs.  Here is my review after my recent visit with my 2018 Audi TT-RS.

Disclaimer:  Over my 40+ years of life I’ve owned 60+ different vehicles.  Over that time I’ve had the pleasure to patronize a variety of establishments for various auto-related needs.  This time around the proprietor of Rehab Detailing worked with me to put together a package that I just couldn’t refuse.  This is going to be the start of a nice long relationship!


Earlier this year, in October 2017, I acquired a brand new 2018 Audi TT-RS.  When I drove it off the showroom floor it had under 60 miles on the odometer, a few of which were mine during my two test drives.  Once I got the car home and had a chance to really get acquainted with it I quickly realized that the paint on this new car wasn’t as “new” as one might have hoped.

In many cases the porters/detailers hired by new car dealers aren’t provided the needed training, equipment, or even time necessary to prep your car in a way it should be to allow for maximum quality.  Based on the swirls already visibly on my new car, plus some very minor clear coat discoloration (bird poop?) that had been cleaned improperly, it was obvious that my new Audi needed some TLC.

Enter Ross, the owner of Rehab Detailing, who spent time discussing various options with me about my new car.  Winter is just around the corner here in Ohio, so the timing was perfect to give the car some protection, and Rehab has a menu of options to suit everyone’s individual needs and budget.


After considering all of the services that Rehab Detailing offers, I went with a pretty thorough list, at least by my standards.  That said, you can get pretty crazy (and things can get fairly pricey).  But consider this: Rehab provides services to cars worth millions of dollars.  Whether you have a car or motorcycle, Honda or Lamborghini, they’ll take care of you!

For my Audi, and my budget, my final service order looked like this:

  • Paint Correction
    • Removing surface imperfections and restoring the true paint color.

  • The Groupie
    • Deluxe interior, exterior and engine detail. Clay Bar treatment and Decontamination.

  • Ceramic Pro Bronze
    • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Light. Adds hydrophobic properties and high gloss. Low scratch resistance. (2 year warranty)

  • Paint Protection Film (PPF)
    • Full Hood, Fenders, Mirrors, Front Bumper covered in SunTek Paint Protection Film – Self Healing – 10 years

  • Window Tint
    • Solar Free Artisan Nano ceramic tint applied to all side and rear windows.

  • Custom Work (Blackout & Tint)
    • Black out rear Audi rings; Removal of rear TT-RS emblem, front rings.

      Dark smoke tint applied on amber side markers.

With my full scope of work discussed and quoted, I dropped the car off a week later.  (Thanks for squeezing me in, Ross!).  Over the course of less than 2-days the entirety of the work above was completed, with in-process photos and dialogue provided by Rehab Detailing every step of the way!


It all starts with a decontamination, including a clay bar service.    Even a new car needs this considering the time the vehicles spend on the boat and train in transit, picking up tons of micro-contaminants plus exposure to the elements.

After that, the talented folks at Rehab Detailing took to the Nardo gray and black glossy bits on the car for some paint correction.  More time was spent on the hood than any other zone I was told.  All of the paint needed a once over, with some spots needing a bit more attention than others.  When done the car had been restored to shiny glossy bliss, just as Ingolstadt had intended.

Once the paint was as perfect as possible, the third item on my list went into play: Ceramic Pro.  This provides not only increased protection to the painted surfaces, it also creates a hardened coating that is easier to keep clean than conventional wax coatings.  Although ceramic coatings like this help protect the paint, they aren’t as durable or flexible as film, hence my next step.

Most of us drive around on the highway.  Some of us take our cars to the race track.  In both cases, the front painted surfaces of your car are exposed to rocks and blast from the vehicles ahead of you.  To provide another layer of protection from this potential damage I opted to have SunTek PPF (paint protection film) applied to the entire front end of the car.  Because of the superior installation provided by Rehab Detailing this is virtually impossible to capture via photos but trust me, it is there!

Any car’s interior gets warm in the summer, but with a dark black interior that can be even worse.  To protect from this heat, and provide the car with a bit more “blacked out” aesthetics, the windows were tinted.  Rehab Detailing uses a ceramic film, which provides greater heat protection than standard films.  To keep with the dark theme, the final steps were taken to black out the rear Audi rings and side marker lights.

There was a video of the PPF going on and other cool in-process videos, but they were hosted on their Instagram live feed.  As such they are gone now– but you should still consider following them on their IG page to see other cars being enhanced and protected!

Here are some photos of my final results:


Since picking my car up from Rehab Detailing I’ve clocked many hundreds of new miles.  I’ve had the chance to enjoy the benefits of quick & easy cleaning, thanks to the ceramic paint coating.  I’ve been able to drive on the expressway without concerns of stone chips or road debris.  Every time I look at the car I enjoy the small cosmetic tweaks, including the AXIS wheels that were on just a short while.  My satisfaction level with the quality of work from Ross & gang is “two thumbs up!”

As we head into the colder months, snow is inevitable here in Ohio.  As such I’ve swapped out my 20″ wheel/tire combo for a 19″ winter/snow setup.  See the photos below for two shots of how the car now sits.

Thanks to the exterior detail & protection provided by Rehab Detailing, and a good set of snow tires, I’m ready for whatever lies on the road ahead!  Drive safe everyone!

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