Paint Protection & Ceramic Coating on our new Tesla Model 3 Performance

In September ’18 another new Tesla has appeared in our garage: a brand new 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance in gorgeous pearl white paint.  Like the many cars before it, this car also made the trek to a nearby detail shop for protection services to keep the car pristine.  Check it out….

With only 106 total miles on the odometer our 2018 Tesla Model 3 was dropped off at Custom Shields located in Willoughby, Ohio.  Located less than 20 miles east of downtown Cleveland, this one-stop-shop offers a variety of services to protect your car.  Brad Goodman (proprietor) has been providing premium tier automotive paint protection services for over 18 years, and has been involved in the auto industry his entire life.

Any car, even your brand new one, will arrive with paint imperfections.  So when the car arrived at Custom Shields the first service performed was to have the paint lightly polished to remove any major imperfections.  Factors such as the color of your vehicle, the quality of the factory paint job, and the age/wear & tear on the existing paint finish will determine how much or how little time will be needed to achieve the desired level of glossiness and paint restoration.  Lucky for us the car was new and in particular this pearl white paint didn’t need much work!

Our menu with the detail shop this time around had one very primary goal: paint protection film (PPF) for the front end of the car.  We tend to put over 20,000 miles on our Tesla vehicle (annually), and most of that is freeway/expressway driving.  To avoid stone chips and other wear-and-tear along the front of the car, the entire front end of the vehicle had “clear bra” applied.

This optically clear film provides protection and resilience against the blasting of wind, stone, and other debris that your car will face as it goes down the road.  In total we had the following areas covered: entire front hood, front bumper, both headlights, both front fenders, and the mirror caps.  Some folks opt for a partial hood covering, but I prefer the entire hood be done for aesthetic reasons.

Here are some photos of the PPF being installed at Custom Shields:



Many companies provide their PPF simply by purchasing pre-cut pieces.  While this is better than no protection, the shortcoming of these pre-cuts are that they regularly don’t fit perfectly, or fall short of proper edge protection.  Instead of using cookie-cutter products, Brad’s work involves precise, custom, hand-cut film tailored to your specific car at the time of installation.  This ensures that each car gets the perfect film application, and the maximum protection desired.  No shortcuts taken here!

Once the film was installed, Custom Shields (Brad) provided us with a few options for paint protection to handle the rest of the car.  Because this car is more a daily driver and less a show car, we opted to keep costs lower by utilizing CeramicPro Light for the PPF covered areas, and CeramicPro Sport for the rest of the car.  This provided what we felt was a good balance of cost, ease of cleaning, ample protection, and moderate term endurance.

Because each project is unique, and each vehicle requires a bespoke amount of time and materials to complete, it is best to consult Custom Shields or your installer of choice to determine the exact cost.  Brad can tailor your work to fit your budget, as well as the duration of time you want the car to stay protected.  Note that some ceramic paint coatings only have a 6 month expected life, where others provide many YEARS of protection.  Naturally the cost grows as you add more layers, and more life span!

After just a few short days with the car, Custom Shields (Brad) competed the protection services.  Now we can tackle the journey ahead with the confidence of knowing our car would look as good down the road as it does today!

Here are some photos taken after the work was complete.  Enjoy!



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