TAKE TWO: Rehab Detailing — Cleveland, Ohio

Avid readers of my blog may notice that this is my second post about Rehab Detailing in just a few months.  There is good reason for this: my wife picked up a new 2017 Tesla Model S sedan recently and it too received the full spa treatment, like my Audi.  This time we dig a bit deeper, with some amazing before/after videos.  Check it out!

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REVIEW: Rehab Detailing – Cleveland, Ohio

If you live in the Cleveland/Akron area, and you just dropped big coin on a new or used car, there is one name that should be running through your head:  Rehab Detailing.  Simply put they are the #1 spot in Northeast Ohio for all your automotive detailing related needs.  Here is my review after my recent visit with my 2018 Audi TT-RS.

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TRACK DAY: Nelson Ledges Race Course – August 2017 Homecoming Event

For over half a century there has been a paved racing circuit in Garrettsville, Ohio in close proximity to the Nelson Ledges Quarry Park.  In recent years the ownership of the race course has changed hands, and finally the faltering facilities are receiving the attention they have long needed.  It had been two years since my last visit, so the timing was right to pay a visit to my nearest road course, and go for a spin!

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Shuffling Cars, Once Again!

As someone who has owned WAY too many cars, I’m often asked what my favorite car has been.  Usually my answer is that I simply like them all for very different reasons.  No one car is a favorite, because no one car is perfect.  But right now two cars bubble up to my mind; one is a favorite, another is perhaps the best all around.  Allow me to explain further.

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Folding the ShakaRun; Focusing on life!

June 2017 was a pretty wild month!  Finally had a chance to take my girls to Boston.  Attended & helped organize a road rally that came from the shadow of another.  Fostered some puppies for a week via the Cleveland APL.  Organized & hosted a first, successful Tesla Cleveland Owner cruise/lunch.  All in all, it was a busy 30-days.  Time to regroup, and move forward!

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