Counterpoint & Perspective: Other Activity Trackers

Do a web search for “activity trackers” right now.  Go ahead, do it.  What do you see?  Almost every link is a gadget reviewer providing their thoughts or comparison of the latest and greatest device to come to market.  Readers beware: this blog is NOT going to turn into one of those sites!

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Fitbit Force: After One Week

Just over a week ago I purchased a Fitbit Force for myself, a Flex for my wife, and an Aria wifi digital scale.  After the first few days I wrote my initial review HERE.  With more time to adapt and understand the devices deeper I’ve returned to share my thoughts, more data, and more about our experiences thus far.  Enjoy!

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Fitbit Wearables: First Few Days

PREFACE: What you are about to read is not your typical review.  There are already plenty of sites dedicated to reviewing the basic function of these devices, giving you a run down of the physical specifications.  If that is what you are after, check out Fitbit product-related articles on Engadget or Tech Crunch.

Instead this review is going to dig deeper, show results & data compared to other options run in tandem, and discuss the practical use of such data.  I’ll apologize now for the verbosity of this post.

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