Dyno Day & Technology Review: My 2014 Audi S6

Gear heads love to “bench race” — this is where you sit around with your buddies talking about whose car is faster and why.  In the end the true test of power is to take your sheet metal and throw it down the drag strip, or strap it onto the dyno.  Though my plans with my S6 have never been bragging rights, I still wanted to know just what she could do.  And to find out just that I spent this morning at an event that provided me a grin from ear-to-ear!

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Lowering my Audi S6 on HRE FF01 Wheels

It was roughly twenty years ago that I purchased my first (used) car, a 1989 Honda CRX.  Repainted at some point in a pretty shade of blue, the car was the HF trim, or High Fuel economy edition.  It made a paltry 76-horsepower but was capable of 61-miles-per-gallon on the freeway.  It was the perfect car for a budding college student, and was the first car I both owned and subsequently modified.  Two decades have passed since then, and while my tastes have matured I’m still every bit as thirsty to personalize my automobile.

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DRIVEN: 2014 Audi S6 – Review & Ownership

Two weeks ago a new car entered my life.  This is hardly novel for me, as I’ve owned over 50 different new/used cars in my comparatively short lifetime.  Yet this car’s purchase is a huge milestone for me.  It marks the most expensive, advanced, and powerful car I’ve ever owned.  Though I’ve driven cars of similar horsepower, they were not mine.  Here is my review of my first two weeks owning a 2014 Audi S6.

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