Dyno Day & Technology Review: My 2014 Audi S6

Gear heads love to “bench race” — this is where you sit around with your buddies talking about whose car is faster and why.  In the end the true test of power is to take your sheet metal and throw it down the drag strip, or strap it onto the dyno.  Though my plans with my S6 have never been bragging rights, I still wanted to know just what she could do.  And to find out just that I spent this morning at an event that provided me a grin from ear-to-ear!

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Early Automotive Enthusiasm

People often say “you’re a product of your environment” — heck there have been entire studies dedicated to this theory.  As I reflect on the person I am today and consider those who surrounded growing up, without a doubt I am a testament to this belief system. Continue reading Early Automotive Enthusiasm