REVIEW: Ring Spotlight Cam Wired

Followers of my blog know that I’ve long been a fan of the Ring Doorbell.  Recently, I even swapped out a classic flood light on the side of my house with the Ring Floodlight Cam.  Now I’ve added a third Ring device, the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired.  Here is my full review!

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SHOOTOUT: Sony DSC-HX300 versus Canon SX280 HS

In the epic battle of David versus Goliath we have the huge 50x zoom Sony DSC-HX300 pitted against the small and slender 20x zoom Canon PowerShot SX280.  But in a non-traditional battle I’ve tested them in a single mode only, Automatic Mode.  Does one prove better than the other?  Can judgement even be passed?  Let’s find out!

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