Review of the iBitz by GeoPalz – Kids Activity Tracker

During my recent trip to the local electronics store to pick up some other activity trackers that I’ll be testing soon I came across something interesting.  On the end-cap where the adult-sized devices reside was a rainbow of colorful little units called the iBitz Kids Activity Trackers.  Using my phone to quickly visit the manufacturer’s website informed me that this might be a fun gadget for my six-year-daughter.  At only $34.99 it was worth a shot, right?

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Counterpoint & Perspective: Other Activity Trackers

Do a web search for “activity trackers” right now.  Go ahead, do it.  What do you see?  Almost every link is a gadget reviewer providing their thoughts or comparison of the latest and greatest device to come to market.  Readers beware: this blog is NOT going to turn into one of those sites!

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