BATTLE! – Fitbit Force vs Polar Loop

New gadgets typically arrive just in time for  holiday season shoppers.  This benefited me nicely during my recent purchase of the Fitbit Force, which came to market around the same time as the  JAWBONE UP24.  While those two companies have had wristband activity trackers for some time, there is a new guy in town who wants a piece of the action.  Say hello to the Polar Loop Activity Tracker.  Let’s put it into BATTLE with my Fitbit Force and see how it does!

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Counterpoint & Perspective: Other Activity Trackers

Do a web search for “activity trackers” right now.  Go ahead, do it.  What do you see?  Almost every link is a gadget reviewer providing their thoughts or comparison of the latest and greatest device to come to market.  Readers beware: this blog is NOT going to turn into one of those sites!

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